Pacific Time vs. Eastern Time

Difference Between Pacific Time and Eastern Time United State of America has 9 time zones including Pacific and…

Difference Between Pacific Time and Eastern Time

United State of America has 9 time zones including Pacific and Eastern Time zones.  Other times zones are Chamorro, Samoa, and Atlantic, Hawaii-Aleutian, Alaska, Central and Mountain Time zone.

Pacific Standard time, also known as West Coast Time and Pacific Coast Time is followed in Pacific Coast of Canada and US. It is 8 hours behind UTC and the daylight time for Pacific is 7 hours behind UTC. Pacific Time zone runs through Idaho, Nevada, Washington, California and Oregon.

EST or Eastern Standard Time is followed in Michigan, Georgia, Florida, Kentucky, Tennessee and Indiana along with a total of 18 states and District of Columbia. 6 other states partly follow EST and Central Standard Time as they are split between these two time zones. In Canada and USA it is known as Eastern Time. This is 5 hours behind UTC and at the time of daylight saving it is 4 hours behind UTC. Some of the Australian States also fall in this time zone and are 10 hours ahead UTC and during daylight saving 11 hours ahead of UTC. States like NSW, Victoria, Queensland, Australian Capital Territory and Tasmania follow EST. Queensland does not have daylight saving.

The difference between PST and EST is of 3 hours in both the seasons. Most of the states fall in one time zone while there are a few states which are spread over large geographical area or have special socio-political-economic conditions, are split between 2 time zones. Places like Washington which falls in Pacific Time Zone and Washington DC which fall in Eastern Time Zone, are geographically so close to each other but fall in different time zones.


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