Pads vs. Tampons

Difference Between Pads and Tampons When it comes to comfort and protection during the most critic time in…

Difference Between Pads and Tampons

When it comes to comfort and protection during the most critic time in a woman’s life the only two friends she can trust are pads and tampons. During this monthly cycle when a woman is experiencing her period, she has to depend on products that work. The question is which one offers the best protection.

Sanitary pads

Pads are the same as sanitary napkins and they serve the same purpose. This unique product goes inside the seat of a woman’s underwear to protect her from embarrassment and her clothing from stains. During this time of the month, most women are heavy bleeders and external protection is just what she needs. Pads come in different lengths and they vary in thickness. The longer and thicker the pads the more protection they offer. Thick pads are able to absorb more liquid and provide better and longer protection throughout the day and night.

Tampon Applicators

Tampons are another source of protection for women when they are having their monthly cycle. Many women refer tampons because they are small and easy to use. They are internal protection that goes inside the vagina to absorb the flow of blood. They are great protectors. They come with an applicator for easy insertion, and they are made from heavy-duty compressed cotton. Women who have very busy schedules find tampons to be the perfect fit for their lifestyle.

Pads or Tampons and Their Differences

Most women are under the impression that tampons offer the best protection, during a woman’s menstruation. Even though, there have been reports that tampons are not safe and are responsible for an illness called, toxic shock syndrome. This has not been proven true or false. In the mean time, pads and tampons are still the best source of external protection. Women have a choice of which source of protection they want tampons or pads.


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