Paleolithic Vs. Neolithic

Difference Between Paleolithic And Neolithic The Paleolithic Age covered a wide period from 2million BC to 10,000 BC.…

Difference Between Paleolithic And Neolithic

The Paleolithic Age covered a wide period from 2million BC to 10,000 BC. This period is also known as the Old Stone Age.  New Stone Age or the Neolithic age takes was from 9000 BC to 3500 BC.  Neolithic times were for a much shorter duration.

According to archaeologists the people of the Paleolithic were basically hunters and gatherers. They led a nomadic life, wandered from hither to thither. In Neolithic times, people sat down to a more settled lifestyle. They began to cultivate corn and also began to store food. The emergence of agriculture is one of the major achievements at this time.

In the Paleolithic Age, people used stone tools and bones. These tools were used for hunting. In the Stone Age, people started farming, using the tools of copper. The main innovation of this century is the development of pottery. Development of ceramic products made it easier to produce and transport food.

People of the Paleolithic age applied a simple technique. Collection of food was the main goal. People in the Stone Age were highly developed and sophisticated and endowed with a sense of culture. They were farmers, used to grow crops and had developed a corporate network by using the barter system. They developed the fundamentals of the economy.

The Paleolithic people survived in groups of around 20-30 members of the family residing within caved areas. They were the ones who came up with the concept of faith and gave an idea to issues like life, death and many more. They settled in caved areas and are popular for their famous cave paintings. Neolithic man lived in a much more complex society. They lived in villages of 200-300. They were also private land. The terms of polished tools, the pottery, textiles, bicycles, sailing, ox yoke and plow well developed in this age group. During this time they lived in houses made of clay and stone.


1. The end of Paleolithic Age came long before the emergence of the Neolithic age.

2. The duration of Stone Age was very short in comparison to the period that the Paleolithic age covered.

3. The Paleolithic man roamed about in search of food. Neolithic man moved in search of fertile soil and water.

4. The Paleolithic humans were basically hunters and gatherers and Neolithic man cultivated plants.

5. The Paleolithic society was a primitive type of government that consists of families that are controlled by men. In the Neolithic period, society was a complex control that had a boss who ruled the council.

6. The Neolithic period developed a barter system for trade which isn’t the case with Paleolithic era.

7. Paleolithic age used tools that were made of bones and stones, but metal tools have found their way in Neolithic period.

8. Innovations such as pottery, wheels, weapons, agriculture, banking and trade were a gift of the Neolithic era. Paleolithic era did not have any of these.

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