Panoramic View vs. Wide View

Difference Between Panoramic View and Wide View It is easy to confuse panoramic view with wide view when…

Difference Between Panoramic View and Wide View

It is easy to confuse panoramic view with wide view when the overall meaning of each definition is not easily understood.  Panoramic view has to do with editing a picture or photo to fit on a screen which is really too small to hold the size of the picture. This can be seen in movie theatres that offer movies on a wide view screen. It is possible to take pictures and show them on a panoramic screen. However, the screen must be formatted to accept certain sizes that will not normally fit onto a regular size screen.

Another term which best describes Panoramic is wide angle, as it deals with the elongated fields of an image. Panoramic view allows cameras to get pictures at a wider angle on all sizes. The width or area surrounding an object is captured using wide lens. Wide lens allows the viewing area to extend farther than it appears to be. More of the scenery is able to fit inside the frame of the wide lens than those of regular lens. For instance, cameras that use a lens with a viewing angle of 65 degrees is not a panoramic view; it is simply a wide angle view.

A wide-angle view is an extended view of a regular area using a wide lens. It can capture objects that are too large to fit inside a small viewing area. Whereas, panoramic is the piecing together or two or more single objects using special software in some cases and making it a lot wider than it actually is. These two terms may be similar in their use of providing wider than usual pictures, but the way they arrive at the outcome of the finish product is quite different. While wide is simply the use of wide lens attached to the end of a camera, panoramic is the fusing together of two pictures using special software.


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