Pantyhose vs. Tights

Difference Between Pantyhose and Tights While both are leg wears that covers the entire leg, Pantyhose and tights…

Difference Between Pantyhose and Tights

While both are leg wears that covers the entire leg, Pantyhose and tights are two terms that are used to illustrate any undergarment with a closed feet, starting from the waist. Though sounds similar they do have some differences.


An American term indicates to a close-fitting leg wear that is made from pure cloth. It covers the body right from the waist to the legs. Generally made of nylon a little bit of Lycra is added while making a pantyhose. It is very popular among the ladies as they compliment their style, keep the covered body part warm and hide scars, unwanted hairs and varicose veins.


Tights are similar to the pantyhose however they are made of thicker and denser fabric. Actually used during horse riding during the medieval ages they were used to be worn by the nobles (just that the tights the nobles used to wear were made of silk). It was since then that the girls took fascination to tights and it became a fashion.

The point that sets these two apart is the thickness of their fabric. Anything that is equal or less than 40 denier is known as pantyhose and those over 40 denier is called tights. This lower density gives the pantyhose a transparent nature. But in the British market, both pantyhose and tights indicate the same thing. Pantyhose are not used without wearing anything over it however you may not need to wear anything over tights. Also pantyhose have an association with lingerie while the tights make you think of ballet.


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