Past Vs. Passed

Difference Between Past And Passed The two terms passed and past are quite different. Past indicates to the…

Difference Between Past And Passed

The two terms passed and past are quite different. Past indicates to the time that is behind us and relates to incidents that happened before the present moment in time. However passed is actually the past tense of ‘pass’ that means something which went past you as for example a car. There are many uses of these words and are best explained with examples.

Past is used as an 1) adverb 2) adjective 3) noun and 4) preposition.

1. As an adjective:

Something that has passed in time or went by…

e.g. -The time of poor economic condition was bad however it is in the past.

Incidents that took place before the present point of time…

e.g. -The magnificent past of the Egyptian empire…

Something which has gone by in the recent time…

e.g. – The economical condition of John improved in the past year.

Formerly served as…

e.g. – The past employees of the company…

2. Used as a noun:

Anything that symbolizes a former time in history…

e.g. The hipster fashion is an obsession of the past.

A reprehensible or upsetting event in the life of a person…

e.g. – John’s scandalous past is behind him now.

3. Used as an adverb:


e.g. -The regiment walked past.

4. Used as prepositions:


e.g. –Quarter past 9:00

The house is just past the hospital.

We went past the house.

Past the least age

Past the possibility of recuperation.

Passed can be used as a verb as well as an adjective.

As an adjective passed is used as:

A successful finishing of a course… E.g. A passed exam.

As a verb passed is used in various sorts of ways. They are:

To move past…

e.g. We passed Rhon’s house on our way.


In cases like these we can also use “past” and see that it becomes different. When “past” is used in sentences as in, “We went past Rhon’s house on our way,” past is used as a preposition.

To experience something…

e.g.- She passed the best day of her life.

We can also use past as an adjective in the same sentence e.g.-The best day of her life is in the past.


To proceed by…

e.g.- They passed the crew members on the freeway.

Here “past” can also be used as an adverb: “The crew members marched past, and they passed them on the freeway.”

Passed is also used as verb phrases…

  • Passed along
  • Passed for
  • Passed away.


1. While the word past is used as a noun, preposition, adjective and adverb, passed is used as verb phrases, adjective as well as a verb. There a variety of use of the word passed.

2. While past indicates anything that took place before the present moment and is articulated as a comparison to the present and future the word passed means anything that passes us by.


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