Paypal vs. Credit Card

Difference Between Paypal and Credit Card In the current scenario when there is the increasing trend of using…

Difference Between Paypal and Credit Card

In the current scenario when there is the increasing trend of using plastic money and online payment is seen, the methods of payment like Paypal and Credit Card help the customers a lot. If you have a bank account you can always link it with Paypal and use it and then there is always the Credit Cards. These two systems help us minimize thievery.


A competent substitute to the conventional paper currency, Paypal operates online and minimizes the use of money orders, cash and cheques. You should possess a PayPal account to avail this facility and can recharge this account by linking it with bank account. You can can use a Paypal  cheque and can also directly transfer money into your bank account. Paypal does charge a minimum amount of money for any service it provides. Generally accessible globally except a few countries PayPal allows transaction in 19 currencies and within a range of almost 190 countries.

Credit Card

It is a small card of plastic that is used make payment. When you use a credit card to make payments you are bound to return the amount of money to the bank. A credit card has a limit of the amount of money that you can borrow from bank; this limit is called the credit limit. You can easily get a credit card from your bank or you can go to a credit card company. When you make an expense using a credit card the you get a monthly bill from the bank. You can either go on making those monthly payments or ca make a one time payment. A credit card does make things lot easier and you are free from the trouble of handling loose cash.

Both of these options save you the tension getting robbed or stolen money. Even when you have lesser amount of money in your bank, you can go on expending using a credit card. Not so in case of PayPal, where you can pay only if you can have money in your PayPal account. While you can use credit card in almost every country all over the world to shop, Paypal is instrumental behind the transfer of money in countries all over the world.


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