Paypal vs. Google Checkout

Difference Between Paypal and Google Checkout In the world of online payment where every one is in the…

Difference Between Paypal and Google Checkout

In the world of online payment where every one is in the look out for payment systems that are easily set up, free and user friendly, Google Checkout and PayPal are the two options that anyone can use. It is true that both PayPal and Google Checkout are basically the same; however both are quite different from each other

PayPal is the system of online payment that has been acquired by the auction website eBay who is well known in the business and operates in a number of over 55 countries of the world. Small entrepreneurs are totally in love with the plethora of features and the fraud resistant techniques that PayPal offer. Millions of customers world wide use Paypal.

Google Checkout was started by Google in 2006 and all its services available US citizens only. This product from Gogle is incorporated with Google Adwords and Adsense. Thus the earning can be used for more and more purchases.

One factor which makes these two online payment systems stand apart is that you can contact Paypal via phone however you cannot do so in case of Google checkout where e-mail is the only mode of communication.

As far as fraud resistant measures are concerned Paypal is much behind Google Checkout.  Another drawback of Paypal is that they do not welcome any complain that is regarding a purchase amount lower than $50. However Google Checkout offers overall protection and proper customer service no matter what the amount of purchase is. One distinct area where Paypal stands way ahead of Google is that PayPal accepts more payment varieties like credit and debit cards and payments are also debited from bank accounts. However Google Checkout accepts only credit and debit cards. While there are 17 global currencies that are supported by PayPal, Google Checkout is compatible with US dollars and UK Pounds.

PayPal is more suitable for Global merchants as this mode of payment is available in about 55 countries. However Google checkout is good for US customers who can also make the use of other Google products like Google Adwords and Adsense.


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