Difference Between PDF and DOC PDF Portable Document File and Doc files are the most commons formats for…

Difference Between PDF and DOC

PDF Portable Document File and Doc files are the most commons formats for creating and saving documents. PDF is used by government agencies to create official documents. When PDF was first introduced, it was very sluggish and took forever to open up.  However, Adobe Acrobat has made for interesting strides in reinventing various versions of the PDF software. The software is now used to create and save portable eBooks and other information documentation. It is compatible with Macintosh, windows, and Linux. This software as the capability to convert files to thumb size formats for easy viewing. Individuals can now digitally sign documents, which were created using this software. This version of Adobe Acrobat is easy to use, and too free to download.

Doc format is the creation of Ms Word. It originally came into existence in the early 1980’s and have since then been associated with (DOS) disk operating system, Apple Macintosh and now Microsoft Windows. The software is a portable office package, which can create a lot variety of tasks. It allows its users to create or insert graphs, charts, pictures, objects and images. It has a tool bar setting, which is adjustable for text formatting or for creating databases.

Unlike the PDF file the Doc, formatting is compatible with other office software packages. Documents, which are created using other applications, can be saved in the Doc extension format. Popular software applications, which are compatible with the doc version of Microsoft, are KWord, Open Office, and Abiword. Doc allows the user to change font sizes, insert color formatting and even input hyperlinks. Other available features include spell check and grammar check. However, PDF special features allow the user to secure any document they are working on, or have created by enabling the password protection function.


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