Person vs. Human

Difference Between Person and Human A person is a human being and a human being is a person.…

Difference Between Person and Human

A person is a human being and a human being is a person. Most people believe it like that and use the two terms interchangeably as if they were synonymous. In this article we will try to emphasize the differences between a person and a human to make you aware of the context in which you can use the words correctly.

All human beings are persons, but all persons are not human beings. A human being is not only a skeleton of bones and flesh; it is much more than that. It is the human body which is made of flesh, blood and bones. The human soul is made up of the human spirit. A human being is an entity that is a mind and body unity of flesh and soul. This is when we refer to this human flesh that we are talking about people. Even a terrorist or criminal is a person as he has human flesh, but we cannot say that such people have the human spirit which is why they do not deserve to be called human beings. The two human words and humanity are associated and people with human qualities of sympathy and compassion are human.

A person is a human being as long as his body and soul is connected or united. A man who is about to die and has lost all his intellectual and emotional capacities is still a human being. But the same is not the case with a complete criminal, who has no feelings towards fellow human beings and is ready to kill other human beings. In short, he is not a human being. Yes, there is a person, but devoid of qualities that are needed for a person to be called a human being.
Yet it is a subject of a huge philosophical discussion that never seems to end up because people have opinions for and against this view of a dichotomy between human and a person.



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