Difference Between PES And FIFA PES stands for Pro Evolution Soccera, a famous series of football game. Invented…

Difference Between PES And FIFA

PES stands for Pro Evolution Soccera, a famous series of football game. Invented by Japanese company Konami, the game was developed for the first time in 1994 with the platform Super Nintendo and was published first in Japan under the name Winning Eleven. But the first official video game of the famous series Pro Evolution Soccer was published in 2001 PlayStation and PlayStation 2. Over the years, PES was developed in a few versions such as Nintendo’s Game Cube, Xbox PC, PSP and PS3. Each subsequent release was improved in terms of the game play, game modes, better graphics, and more realistic sound effects with new players, teams and leagues.  Although PES has not officially licensed, many teams have become famous for the misrepresentations of the names of many players (eg. Totta). Future versions of Pro Evolution Soccer, from PES 2012, will be oriented more towards the teamwork and the phase of attack. The movements of players should help the phase of attack with more overlap.  Diagonal, triangular, cross cuts and strategic moves will be introduced. However defensive mode is neglected. The

FIFA is a series of video games based on football. It is a product from American society “EA Sports”. It takes its name from ‘Federation Internationale de Football Association’. The FIFA series saw the light for the first time in 1994. It favored an instant playability more than a simulation of the real. This trend was later changed with the arrival of the football series competitor Pro Evolution Soccer produced by the Japanese competitor Konami. The game made its debut in PC in 2004. Due to its undisputed domain in the field of football games, FIFA could afford to present itself in new editions with always new improvements in the system. The game is often criticized for its static and the simplicity with which goals are achieved. One of the features that distinguish FIFA football games from other competitors is the presence of multiple officially license. Despite the problems FIFA has become and remains one of football game which is a top seller in the world.  In November 2010, more than 100 million copies of the game were sold. Since the advent of next-generation consoles, such as Xbox 360 and PS3, FIFA has become increasingly realistic providing a level of playability and simulation. Even the edition of FIFA 2012 presents innovations and is entirely dedicated to game physics.

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