Ph. D vs. PsyD

Difference Between Ph. D and PsyD The students who want to earn a doctoral degree in Psychology get…

Difference Between Ph. D and PsyD

The students who want to earn a doctoral degree in Psychology get confused after passing their graduation. They have two options- Ph. D. and PsyD. Everyone who has higher education knows about a Ph. D while a few have heard about PsyD. In both of them a student find the training in clinical psychology. The major difference is that Ph. D involves a research while PsyD is course of clinical psychology.

A Ph. D in Psychology has not sufficient skills required with clinical psychological practices. As a result a new field of study called PsyD came into existence. It is relatively new field of study. Recently a need was felt that we need trained clinical psychologists.

Both the course require the presentation of a dissertation, internship and 4 to  7 years of time to study. The students of both require a license to work. The students doing Ph. D or PsyD has to work with hospitals, schools, offices, groups, families, and individuals as a consultant. If they desire to go ahead in academic field, they can do so.

A student finishing PsyD has the title of Doctorate of Psychology while a student completing Ph. D is called a Doctor of Philosophy in clinical Psychology.

One of the major differences between the two is that Ph. D stresses on research while PsyD emphasizes on clinical psychology. Therefore, students of PsyD get sufficient training in psychological testing. The students doing Ph. D go ahead with academic career while students of PsyD has to work in different environments.

Another difference is that Ph. D programs are promoted by the universities and more grants are provided. On the other hand PsyD attracts less attention of students as well as universities. This is because a Ph. D is preferable by universities as it involves research which is the major aim of universities while PsyD is done for the personal gains by the students as they can make a career to earn livelihood.

Whatever may be the difference? The American Psychological Association offers accreditation to both Ph. D and PsyD equally. It is wrong perception that a student completing PsyD cannot go ahead in academic field. Many students of PsyD are working in various universities.




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