PHD vs. Doctorate

Difference Between PHD and Doctorate Too many people believe that these two titles or degrees are the same,…

Difference Between PHD and Doctorate

Too many people believe that these two titles or degrees are the same, and they really are not. They are however similar in meaning but not in status.  The doctorate degree is the highest degree given to a person in their particular area of study. They have therefore earned the title of doctor to be part of their name. There is more than one way for students to qualify for a doctoral degree. There are other degrees which are not PhD degrees but they are still equal to a PhD. While there are some noted similarities, there are also some differences.

Even in the area of law, an attorney can earn the title of Juris Doctor or doctor of law. Doctors earn the title M.D. that means medicine doctor or doctor of medicine, and the same goes for a dentist ash he or she earns the initials D.D.S. Doctor of Dentistry. These degrees are not given lightly; each individual will need to go through vigorous schooling and training to become and outstanding student in their area of study. The doctoral degrees are not called PhD’s however, they are just what they are Doctorate degrees.

A PhD can be earned in nearly any field of study. However, it does not mean that the person is a physician; it only means that the individual has done work that is equivalent to that of a doctorate. This degree is usually given to teachers in universities and colleges. Students who seek a PhD is more scholarly and academically inclined, whereas those who seek or pursue the doctorate degree is more interested in the medical field. Universities also award individuals who have done outstanding service or community work an honorary PhD. Even though, both terms are similar they should not be used interchangeably.


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