Pity Vs. Compassion

Difference Between Pity And Compassion Human emotions are an expression of psychological and many other cumulative experiences of…

Difference Between Pity And Compassion

Human emotions are an expression of psychological and many other cumulative experiences of the individual. It depicts a person’s temper, personality, disposition, motivation and general temperament. It appears that the behavior of individuals can affect his relation to certain people and situations.

The five basic emotions of mankind are fear, anger, disgust, joy and sorrow. Sadness or grief is an emotion from where pity arouses.

Pity, this word is derived from a very old term in French “Pite” meaning “obligation or duty”, also the Latin word “Pietas” signifies the same meaning and “Pius,” stands for “dutiful”. It is clearly characterized as a feeling of compassion or the ability to share your sorrows and worries of another person or animal.

It is excited by the knowledge of suffering and misfortune of others, and thus generating positive action, which leads to physical, emotional and financial assistance to the suffering individual.

To feel pity for others, one must have experienced the same situation and feeling that the sufferer does not deserve his fate. Sometimes shame can be colored with contempt and hostility, but benevolent compassion is widely known, especially by those who practice Christianity.

It is important to be very careful to show pity, because it can sometimes increase individual feelings of sadness and bring him to feelings of depression and self pity.

Compassion is considered by most religions as one of the greatest virtues a person can have. It is seen as part of a sense of love with humanism as the basis, it is an overall study of human values ​​and interests.

A complete package of passion and power and a strong individual desire to alleviate suffering or misfortune of others accompanies compassion. It has the potential to be compassionate, kind and forgiving, often showing sympathy, too.

The term “compassion” stems from the Latin word “Compassion” means “co-suffering” and “compati” which means “suffering.”


1. Pity is a feeling of empathy or shared suffering of another human being or animal, but sympathy is a feeling of sympathy, compassion and a desire to help suffering people or animals.

2. Pity can sometimes be linked with contempt or dislike, when compassion is part of love and is therefore never a victim of negative emotions.




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