Plants vs. Animals

Difference Between Plants and Animals Plants and animals provide food for human consumption. Both are live cells composed…

Difference Between Plants and Animals

Plants and animals provide food for human consumption. Both are live cells composed of the almost similar organelles such as the Golgi Bodies, nucleus, endoplasmic reticulum and Ribosome. They also reproduce their own kind to maintain the survival of their species.


Plants belong to the Kingdom Plantae and are live form of life. They consist of recognizable organizations such as flowers, vines, herbs, grasses, mosses, seaweed, ferns, green bushes, trees etc. The study of plants is known as botany. For growth, they make their own food by photosynthesis and respiration. Most plants originate as seeds. They grow and mature over time with the help of sunlight and water.


The animals are the largest group of multicellular eukaryotic life forms including the Kingdom Animalia or Metazoa. The majority of their growth and built does not change when they have matured, although later, some of them do change. They are able to move as well as locomote on their own, spontaneously. All must take in something for them to survive and feed themselves.

The difference between the plants and animals
When it comes to mobility, animals have the advantage of mobility while the plants are stationary.

Plants do not have a specific gender because male and female reproductive parts are present in the same plant while different female as well as male individuals are present in the animals and are easily identified as they have only one of the reproductive organs.

Plants release oxygen and while breathing animals exhale carbon dioxide. For reproduction, plants use both methods, asexual and sexual while the animals undergo sexual reproduction only. From the perspective of the composition, plants have cell walls and animals do not. Plants make their own food but animals depend on plants or other animals for their food.

Both plants and animals have external needs to live and survive. Animals and plants have their own special features and characteristics which help them in adapting to the environment and protecting them from other creatures. They are also very important for the survival of man. They contain the protein for strong bones, teeth and body.



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