Plymouth vs. Jamestown

Difference Between Plymouth and Jamestown There are many cities and colonies in the world that have undergone a…

Difference Between Plymouth and Jamestown

There are many cities and colonies in the world that have undergone a lot of changes. Over the years, a lot of their histories have changed and the same goes for Plymouth and Jamestown. Plymouth in Massachusetts is the second permanent English settlement in the US while Jamestown in Virginia is the first. Both share very colourful stories about their past and as such they have had conflicts arising from political, economic and racial issues.

For the longest time, Jamestown has had several issues with their Indians and the Europeans. When the latter came to Jamestown, the Indians had already settled in, making use of the land and creating their own lifestyle and culture. This did not suit the Europeans well so they made claims about the disorganized method that the Indians were using to cultivate the farms and took over the lands.

On the other hand, Plymouth has had its share of turmoil. These problems were mainly caused by the Pilgrims who treated the Indians like they were not worth anything. Although the Indians were willing to let the Pilgrims work on their lands without any trouble, the Pilgrims were not satisfied with this and they killed a lot of the Indians. Despite the fact that the Indians could help them with their knowledge they drove them away with their violence.

Both colonies had European settlers come to them in later years. Although they were originally occupied by Indians, the difference was that for Jamestown it was the Europeans who took over while for Plymouth it was the Pilgrims. There was more violence happening in Plymouth because of the murders being done by the Pilgrims while in Jamestown it was relatively peaceful. Both cities were taken over by the settlers. The Indians in both cities were generous with the land and were willing to share.

To summarize:


  1. Both Jamestown and Plymouth was occupied by Indians before others colonized them
  2. Jamestown had European settlers while Plymouth had Pilgrims
  3. The Europeans were not violent towards the Indians in Jamestown while the Pilgrims in Plymouth were vicious to the Indians in Plymouth
  4. Both cities, Jamestown and Plymouth had settlers taking over their land.
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