PMP vs. PMI vs. CAPM

Difference Between PMP and PMI and CAPM PMP and CAPM certifications are offered by PMI. The world has…

Difference Between PMP and PMI and CAPM

PMP and CAPM certifications are offered by PMI. The world has become very competitive and requires the expertise of professionals to save time and money. Companies prefer to hire professionals with certifications to ensure that their projects are completed on time. In such a scenario it is very important to get these professional certifications to stay ahead of others and be successful in professional careers. The Project Management Institute (PMI) is the world’s top non-profit organization that offers certification in the domain of ​​ project management that helps managers to get qualifications in various fields and be at the top and get preference.
PMI certifications guarantee that an individual is ready to meet challenges internationally and these certifications are recognized worldwide. PMI is involved in the conduction of tests to provide certifications in different fields. Two of the certifications, CAMP (Certified Associate in Project Management) and PMP (Professional Administration Project) are extremely popular among professionals in the world. Almost half a million people hold PMI certifications worldwide. PMI is ISO accredited and to be certified by PMI, one must not necessarily be its member.

CAMP is awarded to the team members as well as the manager of a particular team handling the project at entry-level who want to communicate their ability to be an addition of value to any project. PMP is a certification for professionals who have basic skills and are expecting to get advanced project management techniques.

To qualify for the PMP or CAMP, PMI has set guidelines in terms of specific educational and experience requirements that must be met. To qualify for any PMI certification an individual must first pass a multiple choice exam of 200 questions. This exam uses an instrument to assess knowledge of basic administration of a candidate. If you take the PMP certification or CAMP, it indicates that you have current understanding and awareness of project management. These certifications lend credibility to proficiency of any individual and help to bag contracts that work as the first step towards a great career.




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