Poem vs. Poetry

The difference between poems and poetry Poems and poetry are two words that literally look similar; it is…

The difference between poems and poetry

Poems and poetry are two words that literally look similar; it is no surprise that many people even the most knowledgeable poets confuses the two both in meaning and context. The actual difference between poetry and poem from a meaning point of view is actually the fact that poetry is normally on literal form while on the other hand a poem is just a piece of artistic writing. In many instances, poetry should indeed be classified as a form of art while poems should be put in the category of own compositions. Having said that, it consequently follows that; poetry is a broad form of art into which poems form the basic and critical aspects and components. In other words what this simply means is that, the building units of poetry is definitely the poems or better still poems form what is known as the art of  poetry.

Poetry is by many accounts created by poets. Through creating poems, a poet progressively develops an art of poetry. Just as the weaver will create excellent baskets, his work will certainly develop the art of weaving. If indeed the poet concerned is a frequent composer of poems, his or her title is substituted by the title versifier, which simply means he or she no longer holds the tag poet but versifier but all the same their work proceeds in building the art of poetry. It is also important to observe that poetry involves the unique expression of feelings and concepts through sounds and rhythm that form some of the many elements of language.

As one of its basic characteristics, poetry encompasses the wide use of the science of patterns of rhythms that is called prosody. Bearing in mind the art form involves a lot of rhythm, its comparisons with music are very categorical hence more often than not; poetry will always be compared with music.

Poem on the other hand is a word that is normally used in the context of an individual’s piece of work. What this basically means is the fact that poem is a collective word that indicates a collection of numerous pieces of individual poems. While the distinctions between poems and poetry may be open to even further examinations, one fact that will always stand out is the fact that poetry is a literally form of art while poems are just a written piece of art.


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