Policy vs. Legislation

Difference Between Policy and Legislation Legislation as well as policy refer to two words that have some differences…

Difference Between Policy and Legislation

Legislation as well as policy refer to two words that have some differences between them when it comes to their connotations. ‘Policy’ is used to denote a set of rules that is designed to achieve certain goals or objectives in the growth of a company or corporation. Policies are generally focused on specialties such as if the establishment of a hospital that is becoming popular for the treatment of nervous diseases.

A policy can affect the interests of employees as in the expression, ‘the company has a little tolerance against indiscipline’. The policies usually help decision-making. Policies, however, are formed normally for a particular duration of time. They are not formed suddenly. The policies define the nature and quality of the company.

People working for an organization are required to follow the policies framed by the Committee or the Board of Managing Directors of the organization. The legislation on the other hand refers to the process of making laws. In other words we can say that the legislation focuses on making laws. We can call the laws of a company or organization, collectively, as the legislation. It is interesting to note that the word ‘legislation’ is derived from Latin words ‘legis Latio’.

In fact every company or corporation should form the law of rules and regulations or laws that must be followed by employees and employers together. Some of the laws relating to the legislation are intended to develop the report and used some of the laws relating to the conduct of employee. Politics is not a second law, but is a kind of advice. These are the differences between policy and legislation.






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