Pollutant vs. Contaminant

Difference Between Pollutant and Contaminant Contaminant and pollutant both are unwanted and waste materials. The pollutant is a…

Difference Between Pollutant and Contaminant

Contaminant and pollutant both are unwanted and waste materials. The pollutant is a word that is used to describe a component or ingredient of any product. The pollutant in the field of chemistry also refers to mixtures that are chemically prepared. These can be the cellular materials. The Contaminant can be simply defined as a specific portion of matter or body that is not wanted there and can cause contamination due to its presence in this product, body, or the specific region of the environment. The pollutant is a material consisting of a little waste. This can cause pollution in different parts of the environment such as soil, water or air.

The pollutants cause pollution in most areas. Pollution caused by a pollutant depends on the nature of this pollutant, the concentration of the pollutant and the time during which it can exist as a pollutant in a certain region. The nature of chemicals involved in the pollutant also helps in determining the reactions that can be caused by it and the severity of pollution that is produced as the result. There are a number of pollutants such as biodegradable pollutants that cannot survive for a long period of time in the environment. On the other hand, there are pollutants that can survive in the environment and for longer periods of time and can cause significant problems. There are some pollutants that cause the products after degradation. These degraded products are a major cause for pollution. Products that can be categorized under these pollutants are DDD and DDE are the results of the degradation of DDT.
The important difference between pollutants and the pollutant is that pollutants are classified into different types of pollutants such as Stock, notable and fund Pollutants. Stock pollutants are pollutants that are degraded rapidly. The funds are those pollutants that can cause part of the environment and take time before they are completely degraded. The Contaminant can be used to refer to any kind of pollution that is caused due to a substance that is not needed anyway. Notable pollutants are those that can be easily noted for example, Organic Pollutants, Metals and Organic speakers etc. The Contaminant is the substance that was introduced by man into the environment by any means while the pollutant may be induced by man or may be present in the natural environment. The Contaminant is a term mostly used to the sources of pollution that are caused due to substances that have been made by human beings. One of the most common is the production of harmful chemicals by different factories. These contaminants remain in the environment for long time and are able to spread in the major portion of the environment causing even more problems when compared to those caused by pollutants. Another difference between contaminants and pollutants is that pollutants exist in the environment in different forms such as smoke, chemicals and so while contaminants can be found in different things such as soil, plants, air, and water and also in the waste excreted by humans.






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