Pony Vs. Horse

Difference Between Pony And Horse It is very easy to differentiate between a pony and a horse. A…

Difference Between Pony And Horse

It is very easy to differentiate between a pony and a horse. A pony can easily be distinguished from a horse mostly by height. When heights are considered ponies are much shorter than the horses. By the time ponies reach the height of 14.2 hands (hands usually denotes the heights of ponies and horse) horses have a height above 14.2 hands and generally is 15.2hands.

It is not just that ponies and horses have a height difference, but they also show different features. When we compare body function, ponies seem stockier than horses. Ponies are also robust built when compared to horses. Ponies are the possessor of strong bodies; they are more resistant to cold than horses.

Compared to horses, ponies are believed to be stubborn and more intelligent.

Horses possess thin manes, short coat and a thin tail. In contrast, ponies exhibit thicker manes thicker tail and more full of coat. Ponies have comparatively shorter legs and big barrel as compared to horses. Ponies have strong bones in contrast to horses. Ponies are short and thick necked and also have a short head.

The ponies and horses are also different in character traits. Ponies tend to have calmer temperaments than horses.


Pony is also a good pack animal. While the ponies are also used to pull wagons and carriages, horses are often used for this. People do not like to ride the ponies, but most of them would like most to ride a horse.


1. The horses are taller than the ponies. When ponies come up to 14.2 hands (hands are usually used to determine the height of horses and ponies), horses have a height above 14.2 hands and mostly 15.2 hands.

2. Distinguishing with Equine ponies are believed to be stronger and far more intelligent than horses.

3. Ponies possess calmer temperaments as compared to horses.

4. Ponies the stockier than horses. They are also more robust built.

5. Polo ponies are more resistant to cold as compared to horses.

6. Horse possesses thin mane, short coat and a thin tail. Ponies are short and have a thick neck. In contrast to equine ponies have a short head.

7. Unlike polo ponies equine have a big barrel. Ponies have strong bones, compared to the horses


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