Precious vs. Semi Precious Stones

Difference Between Precious and Semi Precious Stones The use of nice colored stones for decorating quality jewelry was…

Difference Between Precious and Semi Precious Stones

The use of nice colored stones for decorating quality jewelry was popular art by the jeweler’s and demanded by people as well. In the most part of the jewelry, precious stones are used to make the jewelry more engaging piece of craftsmanship. Stones which are used for the trade of jewelry are divided into precious stones and semi precious. Not many people are aware of difference between precious stones and semi precious and are likely to be deceived by fraudulent persons. This article will put in an obvious place and will differentiate between precious stones and semi precious stones so that it can be known to commoners also.

The most popular of precious stones (and certainly the most precious) are jewel like emeralds, styluses and diamonds. Certain persons also understand pearls in this category if, technically, they are not stones but sold as stones because they are also nice and engaging.

As much as semiprecious stones are concerned, the most popular are topaz, adularia, opal, the cubic zirconia, amethyst, turquoise, the aigue-navy, etc. There are also the heliotrope, malachite, coral, agate, garnet, the blue stone, and some others which are not as precious as those mentioned above, but are always considered being semiprecious stones.

Both precious stones and semi precious are rocks or mineral in rocks under the surface of the earth. They are then polished and superior cut are done by clever craftsmen who are productive enough to form it to be used in ornaments and jewelry. Although there is no means to judge the artistic value of a precious stone or semi precious, their value depends on their quality and their shine. You could be surprised to see a sale of 10 karats of nephrite for only 10 $, while finding another fragment of nephrite, selling about 100 $. You can acquire a piece of jewel for less than the price of a rare agate which is so called stone semi precious. It makes the decision making tough and it is useful to refer the stones gems simply rather than as precious and semiprecious. Most of the seller in a store of jewelry uses word semiprecious to increase the value of precious stones in the eyes of the customer, and he loses all his attraction for semiprecious ones.

Regarding a definite definition of precious stones and semi precious is concerned, there is nobody, and besides diamonds, emeralds, jewel and styluses, almost all other precious stones are classified as semiprecious. To classify a stone as a semi precious stone everything comes down to the trader and the craftsman. When amethysts were rare, they were considered as precious, but as soon as huge reservations of amethysts being found in numerous parts of world, this gem ceased to being aimed as a precious stone.



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