Pregnancy Vs. Period Symptoms

Difference between pregnancy and period symptoms Many Premenstrual symptoms are similar to the symptoms of pregnancy and at…

Difference between pregnancy and period symptoms

Many Premenstrual symptoms are similar to the symptoms of pregnancy and at times it becomes difficult to differentiate between them. The reason for this similarity is the hormones involved. The intensity with which these symptoms are reflected in women varies depending on different external factors and many emotional and physical factors. These symptoms affect attitude of the individuals and their relationships with the people around them.

The most prominent symptom of pregnancy is the delay in the menstrual cycle or the missed periods. The woman may feel tired, stressed and the breasts may swell and become tender. Morning sickness is another big symptom of pregnancy and this may be seen in women who are 2 weeks to 8 weeks pregnant. These symptoms usually subside by the second trimester but they may be present till the time of delivery in some cases.

Pain in lower back, tiredness, urge to urinate frequently, headache, craving for special types of food like sweets and spicy food, mood swings and gastric problems are some of the other known symptoms of pregnancy.

Premenstrual symptoms show up because of the low level of serotonin levels in the body. Premenstrual periods may appear earlier than the regular cycle. Some of the common physical symptoms are severe muscle pain, severe to moderate cramps in abdomen, fatigue, tenderness of the breasts and headaches. Some women also gain weight before the menstrual periods and may feel craving for some special foods just like in pregnancy. Some women feel depressed, irritated or anxious during their periods. Reduced concentration, mood swings, sleep disorders, swelling in legs and acne are also seen in many women.

Differences between Pregnancy and Period symptoms are summarized below:

  • In pregnancy the belly enlarges while it does not happen otherwise.
  • Missed periods are confirmation of pregnancy in majority of the cases but it can happen due to stress or hormonal imbalance as well.
  • The symptoms may be same but the treatments are different.

To rule out all the confusion home pregnancy test can be done. This test gives you correct result only if you do it after 14 days the first day of missing the periods. You can then take the advice of the doctor as well. For treating PMS or premenstrual symptoms, you can resort to a good healthy diet and regular exercise. It is good to seek medical advice in both these cases to avoid complications.


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