Pressure Vs. Force

Difference Between Pressure And Force Force can be defined as the pull or push which can change the…

Difference Between Pressure And Force

Force can be defined as the pull or push which can change the speed of the object if it is applied. We can say that if the force applied to an object from one direction and there is no opposing force, the object will move on. If it is already on its way, it must be either very fast or slow, based on the applied forces direction.

A simplification of this can be done by taking the example of the operating ball. If somebody kicks a ball then it starts moving and if somebody kicks an already moving ball then its velocity is going to increase.

This applies only in cases where violence is used from one direction without much resistance. When the force comes from a direction that is opposite then a reaction is noticed in objects based on the force. If the opponent’s force is stronger, the ball will move backward. Or if there is equal power in both directions then a point of stagnancy will be witnessed in the object. Moreover, the proposal will provide direction. This can be explained by giving an example of a man sitting in a chair. The force of the body of the seat corresponding to the power of the chair pushes back the body force

The Great Doctor Isaac Newton described about force in his first law of motion.


The pressure can be explained by the power unit area. The formula used to determine the pressure is P = F / A. “P” stands for “print”, “F” stands for “power” and “A” stands for “area”.

When force is applied over a large area, the pressure developed is comparatively lower than the one applies in the smaller arena.

The unit for pressure is Pascals’law. Pressure being independent of direction is a scalar quantity and just depends on size.


1. The unit of force measurement system is Newton’s law and the U.S. unit of a pound. The unit for pressure is Pascal’s Law, which is also known as the law of Newton per meter raised to the root two or pounds per square inch.

2. Pressure explained that the force is spread over an area of ​​the object as it does, but the violence can be attributed to the energy used on the object to change the direction of a moving object.

3. Force if applied from one direction, change speed parts. The pressure does not change the speed of the object.

4. Force is a vector quantity, that is, it depends on the size of the object and its policies, both while the pressure depends only on the size. It is a scalar quantity.

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