Prince William vs. Prince Charles

Difference Between Prince William and Prince Charles Prince Charles was married to princess Diana. Prince William is one…

Difference Between Prince William and Prince Charles

Prince Charles was married to princess Diana. Prince William is one of the two sons this couple had.

He is the eldest of the two.

He is the third grandchild of Queen Elizabeth II and the second successor after his father.He generally  stays  in the United Kingdom.


Prince William got his education from four different schools of UK and  he graduated from the University of St. Andrews.


Prince William is a commissioned lieutenant of Blues and Royals regiment of Household Cavalry where he has obtained wings after completing training for pilots at Cranwell’s Royal Air Force.

Nature of the job:

Hhe got promoted to flight lieutenant and obtained training to fly helicopter,when he was transferred to Royal Air Force . The Prince then completed his special training of helicopter flights.

Present occupation:

He is now serving at No. 22 Squadron at the RAF Valley,performing duties of co-pilot on search and rescue helicopter ,called Sea King.

Family Life:

Prince Williams is married to his  long-term girlfriend Kate Middleton.The wedding ceremony  took place at Westminster Abbey in London on 29th of April 2011 at 11am.

About Prince Charles:

Family History:

Prince Charles is the heir of Queen Elizabeth II and is the eldest son of Queen. He is the longest serving heir  of Great Britain.

Titles given to Him:

He is known as Prince of Wales in addition to which he was given title of Duke of Rothesay in Scotland.


Prince Charles got his education from Goddonstoun and Cheam schools, the same as his father.


Charles obtained his degree from Trinity College Cambridge in Bachelor of Arts.


Charles also worked as tour of duty with Royal Navy in the time period of 1971-76.

Family life:

Prince Charles was married to Lady Diana in 1981 in a ceremony which was televised across the globe.

Prince Charles and Diana had two sons:

1. Prince William, born in 1982 and

2.Prince Harry, born in 1984.

Diana and Prince Charles separated after facing  allegations from Tabloid. Divorce between Diana and Prince Charles happened  in the year 1996 after he was blamed by Diana of having an affair with Camilla Parker.

Second marriage and Title:

In  2005, Prince Charles married Camilla which brought her the title of Duchess of Cornwall.

Charity Man:

He is popular for the works of charity, his sponsorship in programs -such as Prince’s Regeneration Trust, Prince’s Foundation for Built Environment and Prince’s Trust and also for promotion of medical treatment such as herbal treatment and others. He is too much invoved  in for preservation of old buildings and  architecture.

Not A traditional Person:

Prince Charles had broken a number of traditions as he went from secondary school in to university directly, instead of joining Armed Forces as earlier members of royal members. Prince Charles, had knowledge about Welsh Language and Welsh History which he got from University of Wales.

First to learn a language:

Prince Charles was the first Prince who was born outside Wales and attempted to learn language.


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