Private Hospitals vs. Public Hospitals

The unique distinctions between private and public hospitals It is a very common observation that the planet we…

The unique distinctions between private and public hospitals

It is a very common observation that the planet we live in these days is never free of diseases. In many instances, many of us have time and again sought the service of a medical practitioner or in simple terms a doctor who in many cases will be found in a Hospital although clinics and health institutes will still offer the same service. The continued nature of a fast and indeed genuine growth of capitalism has transformed health sector practices and has consequently led to the development of two types of hospitals; private hospitals and public hospitals.  As it will obviously seem on face value, both private and public hospitals are health centers that offer health services that are the same. The truth about the matter however, is that they are distinct and unique differences that are characterized by the two.

One of the most basic differences is based mainly on the open reality that a private hospital is a health center that is independently run by a person or groups of persons who by many respects control all the financial processes pertaining to that hospital. In a private hospital, the whole administration and staff including the doctors and nurses are answerable to the person who in other words can be said to own the hospital. Private hospitals are generally popular among patients probably on the largely held assumptions that private hospitals are health establishments that are relatively well equipped and service offered is of high quality. In many cases this is actually the truth. The truth of the matter about private hospital and their heath care provision is that while it is true that the quality of service offered to individual patients is very high, the cost associated with it is also very enormous.  However in societies where people have the means to access the quality service of health, private hospitals will always be top of their lists.

Public hospitals as opposed to private ones are entirely funded by the tax payer on areas such as construction, drugs, equipment and medicine purchases and payments for doctors and staff members. According to many people, public hospitals are assumed to be the inevitable choice of the financially less well -off in societies who are not able to afford the high prices of private hospitals. The surprising aspect of government owned hospital is the apparent inability of concerned governments to provide high quality service in public hospitals considering the vast ability of the government in terms of resources compared to private hospital owners.

In general the fundamental distinction between private and public hospitals is based on the fact that public hospitals are entirely funded by the state or its partners while a private one is financed by the owner. The two also are different when it comes to service quality where private hospitals carry the day. The cost is also a key difference noted obviously by the high cost of hospital fees in private hospitals as compared to public ones.


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