Problem vs. Issue

The contextual difference between problem and issue The profound usage of the words problem and issue interchangeably is…

The contextual difference between problem and issue

The profound usage of the words problem and issue interchangeably is indeed a growing “disease “. The widely held assumption that a problem can be substituted by an issue when it comes to usage in language is absolutely wrong and unacceptable.  The reality of this assumption is that no matter what the preferential use of the word might be according to the user, there are distinct differences that the two words posses which make them very different from each other. The word problem can simply be defined as anything that will ultimately have a solution that is, something that in the end will be solved. An issue as opposed to widely used contexts is a word that by many accounts means a situation surrounded by controversy. Different to an issue, a problem is something to be solved and a solution provided and it is crucial to observe that it has no evidential aspect of controversy.

Another point of contextual difference between the word problem and issue is based on the fact that unlike an issue which will be normally revolving around a given individual or groups of individual in a collection of people says an institution; the problem on the other hand involves complete involvement in the entire institution. In the best of terms this can be put to mean that a problem will touch every aspect and member of any institution while an issue will just concentrate on a few individuals. It is also important to note that in many instances an issue is capable of being protracted beyond its genuine seriousness while a problem on the other hand will always remain a problem. Building on this point, an issue can get serious or trivial as time progresses depending on prevailing circumstances but a problem will stand the test of time and remain the same even after a while.

The other eminent difference between the two is that whereas in most cases a problem is solved through consultative forums among the concerned people, an issue can be solved privately in closed doors by the individual concerned. Potentially, Issues can possibly cause harm and misfortune as opposed to a problem which is the exact opposite of this. As a concluding remark, the gravity of an issue can be elongated if not solved in time while when it comes to a problem, the impact of its untimely solution cannot be that remorseful




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