Prosciutto vs. Pancetta

Difference Between Prosciutto and Pancetta Two types of pork food are main delicacies in some parts of the…

Difference Between Prosciutto and Pancetta

Two types of pork food are main delicacies in some parts of the world Prosciutto and Pancetta.  in some renowned restaurants, they are the main selection, as they are served with a variety of choice sauces. The only noticeable differences between these two foods are in the way they are prepared before they consumption. However, the Pancetta and the Prosciutto are both products of Italy, America, and the European nations. They are among the most popular dishes.

Preparing Pancetta

Preparing Pancetta is the same as preparing bacon. In the United States, it is cut into strips and eaten, only after it has been cured. In other countries, it is prepared differently. It is the belly or bacon of the pig, and the way some countries prepare it is quite delicious. In the curing process, salt, spices and other preservatives help to disguise the smell and the taste.

Preparing Prosciutto

Prosciutto is the ham of the pig; at least this is how it is prepared. It is the pig’s hind leg. This part of the pig is hung out to dry, as one might not know, this is not a quick process. It normally takes several months for the flavor of the Prosciutto to reach perfection, before it is fit for eating. The process is a method known as cold smoking. It is the best time to eat this food, after it has been slowly air-dried, and carefully prepared.

The two major differences in these two foods are in the way each one is prepared and eaten. Pancetta is edible after it has been cooked, and Prosciutto is eaten without being cooked, but rather after; it has undergone a rather tedious, but worthwhile process. Even in other countries, the same foods are prepared differently and regarded as delicacies.


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