Difference Between PST and PDT Each part of the world has its own Eastern, Central, Standard, or Pacific…

Difference Between PST and PDT

Each part of the world has its own Eastern, Central, Standard, or Pacific Time zone. For some people, it is just a matter of figuring out, which time zone they live in. This is difficult to do, since most time zones deals with time, distance, and location. The time zone that is standard for the United States and Canada is the Pacific Time Zone or PT. This model of time is based on the Greenwich 120th Meridian. The time is calculated by deducting eight hours from the GMT time zone. In the winter month, the (PT) Pacific Time Zone is called the (PST) Pacific Standard Time Zone and in the summer months, it is called (PDT) Pacific Daylight Time; this is when daylight saving time begins.

The Standard time zone is just regular time it is not ahead or behind GMT time. On the other hand, PDT is when the time is moved ahead one hour. This is used to increase the amount of daylight a person has, and PST is when time goes back an hour. The easiest way to remember the time change is by repeating this small phrase, spring forward, fall back. This ritual of clocking setting is done twice per year in the winter and in the summer months. March and November is when these time adjustments take place.

The states, which are affected by the PDT time zone, are California, Washington, Idaho, Oregon, and Nevada.  During the summer months Canada, Yukon and British Columbia are affected by the PDT time zone. Time change is said to help the world save energy, preserve sunlight or daylight, and help individuals to adjust to the various time zones. Many states share in PDT and the PST time zone, but everyone must set their clock accordingly.


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