Psychologist Vs. Psychiatrist

Difference Between A Psychologist And A Psychiatrist It is true that people use the terms psychiatrist and psychologist…

Difference Between A Psychologist And A Psychiatrist

It is true that people use the terms psychiatrist and psychologist in place of one another to mean therapists, the meaning depends on the fact if one is a psychology student or someone in search of a mental healthcare service.

In spite of the fact that a psychologist as well as a psychiatrist stand for research on psychotherapy, however there are differences as well.

The most obvious difference between them lies in the educational qualification. While a psychologist is not a medical doctor, a psychiatrist is a medical doctor.

A psychologist undergoes a graduation program specializing in psychology and has a Doctorate or a PHD in psychology. They are experienced in medical or analytical psychology. Those who go for the Doctorate program have to invest a time period of 5 to 7 years and another 2 years of internship before getting their license.

It is the people who have undertaken the education, preparation and got the license form state can be termed as psychologist. They are also called therapist or counselor. Nevertheless there are other healthcare personnel who regard themselves as counselors or therapists.

However, trained healthcare personnel who can deal with and can evaluate, analyze, treat and thwart a psychological issue thoroughly are called psychiatrist. Their education happens in a medical school and they get an M.D. After completing their medical training, they undergo 4 years of resident mental health practice. The other domains of expertise in case of a psychiatrist are addiction, infant and youth psychiatry, geriatric psychiatry etc.

As far as the entitlement of recommending medicine for mental patients is concerned, unlike a psychologist a psychiatrist can prescribe medicine.


Psychologists can perform psychotherapy, manage psychological analysis and research, however are not entitled to recommend medicines to mental patients.

Psychiatrists attend medical school and they need to get a M.D, so that they can assess mental patients and also analyze, treat and prevent psychological issues and are entitled to prescribe medicines to mental patients.


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