Psychologist vs. Psychotherapist

Difference Between Psychologist And Psychotherapist Psychologist Psychologists are trained in the School of Psychology, which includes five years…

Difference Between Psychologist And Psychotherapist


Psychologists are trained in the School of Psychology, which includes five years of education. The training includes both theory and practical. Among other things are the therapy with their own patients who are under supervision. During training, they have to themselves go into therapy. After psychology degree one year of supervised practical service is required to obtain registration as a psychologist.

Psychologists work is to investigate, diagnose and treat mental health problems and diseases and to prevent mental illness. To help a person who suffers from psychological problems, one must know how healthy, stable the person is. This knowledge can also be used to support both individuals and staff groups in their development. To support, to guide and to motivate are important tasks for psychologists.

One can also work to mentor and provide advice and support to people in their jobs who are exposed to stress.


A psychotherapist is required to undergo postgraduate training in psychotherapy at the university. The training includes three and half years time which can be done from several of the country’s colleges and universities, and also from a number of independent training providers.

To gain access to the identity basic training is a must(also called Stage 2) which is included in psychotherapy training (also called Stage 2)

Specialist training in psychiatry is relevant for the identification undergraduates. The basic psychotherapy training is provided, inter alia, by education associations and private training providers that provide the identification undergraduates.

Although other professionals can also train as psychotherapists, such as social workers, nurses, priests and attendants in psychiatric care.

Psycho-therapist’s task is to call the patient to examine mental and health problems, identify obstacles and opportunities and to help the patient find steps to tackle the problems. Treatment can be short or long term for individuals, families or groups. The methods differ depending on which form of psychotherapy is required. Some examples of established psychotherapy forms are psychoanalytic and psychodynamic therapy, cognitive therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy.

Summary .  To work as a psychologist or psychotherapist, identification is required. Such an identity document issued by the National Board. A psychologist can also train as a psychotherapist, but a psychotherapist need not be a trained psychologist, and can be a different basic professional, such as a priest or a social worker.

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