Punjabi vs. Gujarati

Difference Between Punjabi and Gujarati Punjabi and Gujarati are as different as a New Yorker is different from…

Difference Between Punjabi and Gujarati

Punjabi and Gujarati are as different as a New Yorker is different from a Texan. Punjab is a northern state in India, while Gujarat is located west of India. People from Punjab are identified as Punjabi’s and those from Gujarat as Gujarati’s. Both states contribute greatly to India’s economy and are two of India’s top ranking states. Gujarat is the country’s top producer of textiles, cotton and milk, while Punjab, being agricultural in nature, leads in the wheat and rice production.

Gujarat has impressively made rapid progress in industrialization in the previous years, and now solely contributes 20 percent of the country’s GDP. Two natural gas plants of India’s mere three are in Gujarat, including the world’s biggest oil refinery. When it comes to IT and computers, the state has invested and achieved greatly, with all of its villages electrified and equipped with broadband internet. Today, Gujarat is among those with the highest per capita income and employment rates in the country.

On the other side, Punjab is known for its industrious and hardworking people, and their excellence in agriculture. The Punjabi’s are proud in their hard work, proving it by maintaining its status as the country’s highest grain producer. Although, looking back, Punjabi’s do not really excel in terms of education; they have proved their value when it comes to transport and agriculture.

Punjabi’s and Gujarati’s are known to be business minded though the Gujarati’s stand out being way ahead of everyone else when it comes to education and producing thousands of doctors and engineers, sending some overseas to countries like Canada, Australia and US. Punjabi’s roam rampantly in Canada and the UK, mostly engaging in successful businesses.

In terms of beliefs and traditions, Gujarati’s and Punjabi’s also differ greatly. Gujarati’s mostly are vegetarians and follow the Hindu religion, while the Punjabi’s mostly are Sikhs wearing turbans and following the Sikh religion. Their languages also differ; Punjabi is spoken in a bit louder and crude tone while the Gujarati language sounds sober in comparison. The two have also sprung from very different roots. Unlike Gujarati’s, most Punjabi’s are not vegetarians, although their most famous Make di Roti’ and Sarson da Sag are purely vegetarian dishes. Among Gujarat dishes, Dhokla is the most popular.

Gujarat has produced the well-known Mukesh Ambani, a business tycoon and Reliance Industries CEO, while the famous Dr. Manmohan Singh; India’s present Prime Minister, is a Punjabi. Of course, the India’s father, Mahatma Gandhi, is a Gujarati.

Important Points


  • Punjabi and Gujarati are the languages used in Punjab and Gujarat,  respectively.
  • People from Gujarat are called Gujarati’s, while the ones from Punjab are known as Punjabi’s.
  • Punjab leads in grain production while Gujarat remains the most industrialized of all India’s states.


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