Punk vs. Emo

A comparison of differences between Punk and Emo Punk and Emo are a popular type of music that…

A comparison of differences between Punk and Emo

Punk and Emo are a popular type of music that has enjoyed outstanding popularity although their differences have not been in recent days picked out. With their massive characterization in fashion, the distinct aspects of this widely regarded rock genres certainly goes beyond the mentioned aspects of fashion and composition.

The era of 1970 where too much rock was the order of the music industry is when the brand of music called punk originated. To many of its campaigners, the concept behind the new music brand was to counter the then declining identity of rock music that according to them was declining at a bad rate. Characterized by its individualism drive and aggressive nature, its rise was accompanied by rise of popular bands that defied the social order through their passion for point blank truth about the how the traditional nature of the music should be.

Considering the hardcore nature of punk rock, many of its champions and advocates felt that indeed they had to show their emotional side through the music they did. In the 1980s the brand Emo graced the airwaves. What Emo simply meant was that it involved a smooth show of emotions as opposed to the aggressive and hardcore nature of rock music associated with punk. The unique sound of the guitar played in an Emo sound was regarded by many as its fundamental distinction from punk rock.

The difference between the two types of rock music is basically down to the message conveyed by either. In the punk arena, the focus was mainly social matters that related to social well being. As for Emo, it was a soothing melody accompanied by cool drum beats that indeed involved prose and genuine poetry compositions. Although arguably the two types of rock music have immensely contributed to the popularity of rock in general, their contrast in the moral of the message they convey and the general vocals associated with each is very apparent. The obvious fact about the two however is the fact that they represent a complete show of passion and unique talent in rock music.


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