Puppet Vs. Muppet

Difference Between Puppet and Muppet Muppets are puppets, and not really different from each other. Simply we can…

Difference Between Puppet and Muppet

Muppets are puppets, and not really different from each other. Simply we can say that a Muppet is really a kind of puppet. Obviously both have some differences, and therefore they are classified separately. We will try to find the differences between Puppet and a Muppet.

A puppet is a figure of a person, bird, animal or an object. The numbers are not limited to a particular type or kind of mark. They are controlled by a puppeteer. The dolls are put on a puppet show which is a very old form of theater. Muppets, however, was started in 1954-1955. The figures are also used to put on a show, but characters are limited.

The source of the puppet can not be attributed to a person, culture, society, or a particular time in history, and certainly not in a given year, while the Muppets was introduced in 1954-1955 by a person calling Jim Henson. Muppets are a group of characters that are actually a kind of puppet. Muppets appeared in the United States. Puppets have existed since 16th centuries in many countries.

The puppets are diversifies to a greater extent and its difficult to name them. Many countries have a tradition to tell stories of their heroes through puppets. Folklore also used puppets. The puppet itself can act as a king, and in another program may portray the role of a poor. The word “puppet” means “doll”.

Puppets are made of different materials, depending on the form and use. The name differs in different countries as there are so many varieties.


1. A puppet is a figure of an object or an animal or a human, is used to install a puppet show. The puppets are of several types.

2.Muppets can be taken as a type of puppet

3.Puppets character has no copyright. Muppets characters are copyrighted by show owners

4.Muppets originating in the United States in 1954-55. Puppet occurred before the 16th century in many countries.

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