Rabbit Vs. Hare

Difference Between Rabbit And Hare A rabbit and hare have been more or less the same words for…

Difference Between Rabbit And Hare

A rabbit and hare have been more or less the same words for many people. The primary difference between the two is linked to their physical characteristics, lifestyle and eating habits.

Hares are larger than rabbits. They are faster than rabbits, too.  Hares usually have long ears and very well built hind legs. Hare have longer ears and hind legs than rabbits. Baby hare have a soft covering over them. When they are born they come out with open eyes.The babies are delivered by the mother in a small depression under the ground. A young hare is often referred to as a young leveret.

A rabbit is born without any fur and the babies are also blind. A baby rabbit is termed as Bunny. The mother gives birth in a nest that has been carefully designed with grass, tender stems and bark. This soft layer is further covered with the fur from her own body. Once the baby arrives the mother adds to the baby’s comfort by including more hair and grass so as to keep the baby warm and cozy.

Rabbit and hare, are very different in multiple ways but they also share certain common features like both shed their outer fur twice annually. But the new coat has a difference in the two. A brown rabbit fur turns gray during summers while the hare living in colder regions have a white coat during this part of the year.

Both are nocturnal creatures. They stay active during the period of dusk till dawn. They are dull during the day hours. Rabbits rest within their burrows during the day hours while the hare hide within bushes and plants. They escape if attacked by predators.

Rabbit thrive in groups and the male rabbits compete for the superior place. This leads to their winning over their females. The hares on the contrary live all by themselves in a solitary manner. They only team up for mating. The hare are peaceful group because there is no “disagreement” between the mates.

A hare are considered as wild animals. Rabbits on the other hand are rabbits domesticated and kept as pets. Although rabbits eat soft, mild foods, hares feed on hard things. Hunters prefer hare over rabbit because of their tasty meat.


1.Hares is bigger, faster and stronger than rabbits. Hare is born with fur and can see while rabbits are born blind and hairless.

2. Rabbit can be tamed, hare are wild animals.

3. The rabbits stay in burrows; hare live within bushes and plants. The hare runs away when they encounter enemies.

4. Hares is a more of solitary being, rabbits are sociable.


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