Race vs. Ethnicity

The difference between race and ethnicity Race is the foremost partition of humanity or people, having distinctive physical…

The difference between race and ethnicity

Race is the foremost partition of humanity or people, having distinctive physical personality. On the other hand, ethnicity belongs to a communal group that has a similar civilizing or national tradition and customs.

Though the two words race and ethnicity appears to be similar, they have some differences between them. The meaning of race is a major partition of people. It would give rise to different physical individuality. At the same time, Ethnicity does not point out a person’s race. It is totally a tradition and customs.

Ethnicity tells about where you came from and the customs and tradition that are followed in the region you are from. Long time ago, it was easy to find out the ethnicity of an individual by his practices, but nowadays it s very difficult to judge one’s ethnicity by considering his characteristics alone.

Race points out a specific tradition to which a person belongs. There is no way for knowing the location and learning while considering race. The most important thing to know is that one can never modify his race but can adjust his ethnicity.

Your color cannot be portrayed through ethnicity that is if you say you are an American then it indicates the whole nation. Nearly you can say you are a Californian. Thus, color is linked with race and not with ethnicity.

More or less, a race is an organic subspecies. Thus, race points out a group of persons who has anatomical similarity. Though it may not be right to do but race and ethnicity is used identically. Racial categorization is linked up with morphological characteristics. At the same time, ethnicity has no work with morphological characteristics.

The foremost difference between race and ethnicity is that race is related to a unit. It is significant to know that a person belongs to a single race only. At the same time, though the person belongs to only one race, he can be connected to various ethnicities. The best example is that, you can call a person American or Australian on the terms of ethnicity but in terms of race you can call him either white or black. There is social compulsion of race but not of ethnicity.


The major distinction between race and ethnicity are:

  • Race refers to a biological breed while ethnicity does not refer to any breed.
  • The character of race is unitary or belongs to a specific unit while ethnicity does not.
  • Race is linked up with morphological characteristics but ethnicity has no link with morphological characteristics.


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