Radiology vs. Radiography

Difference Between Radiology and Radiography In the field of medical science, the terms Radiology and Radiography are very…

Difference Between Radiology and Radiography

In the field of medical science, the terms Radiology and Radiography are very closely related yet quite different from each other, as far as the meaning as well as the profession is concerned. On one hand where Radiology refers to the science of studying the images obtained from the invisible electromagnetic radiations like X-RAY for the purpose of identifying the disease from which the patient is suffering and ultimately deciding the proper treatment that has to be given to the patient for the treatment. On the other hand, Radiography is the method of taking radio photographs formed from the invisible electromagnetic radiations (e.g. X- RAY). Radiology is a highly specified branch of medical science, like nephrology or gynaecology that a medical student takes up for studying after he/she has successfully managed to obtain the MBBS degree. After completion of this degree, the medical student is referred to as a Radiologist. The main aim of a Radiologist is to thoroughly study and analyse the radio images that the radiographer obtains from ct scans, MRI, X-Ray of different parts of the patient’s body, and then ultimately diagnose the exact ailment from which the patient is suffering, and prescribing a proper treatment for the same. Radiography is a field where the radiographer has to be acquainted with hi-tech gadgets and equipments in order to obtain a clear and understandable photograph of the affected area of the patient’s body, either in a 2D or 3D. So in short Radiography is nothing but taking photographs. To be an efficient Radiographer, one has to be well equipped with the sophisticated instruments and also know the proper skills of operating them smoothly. Although not a proper field of medical science, Radiography forms one of the most important allied fields of the same as it is based on the photographs obtained by a radiographer, that the doctor is able to diagnose the proper condition and nature of the ailment of the patient. You can complete your High School diploma and a two year vocational training and you are all set to work as a radiographer. So as well can be expected, the difference of income of the two shows the difference in their skill and training.

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