Raisins vs. Sultanas

Difference Between Raisins and Sultanas To a person who is not much into cooking and stuff, and even…

Difference Between Raisins and Sultanas

To a person who is not much into cooking and stuff, and even to many people who know a lot of cooking, Raisins and Sultanas appear to be one and the same, owing to the fact that both of them are types of dried grapes. But in reality, these two types of dried grapes do have a lot of differences among themselves.

Raisins are types of dried grapes that are formed by naturally drying white grapes without using any other artificial means for the purpose. They area dark brown in colour and are very sweet in taste. On the other hand, Sultanas are also dried grapes, but in this case, seedless grapes that are dried by the use of artificial substances like vegetable oil or some type of acid. As a result of this they are golden in colour and are juicier, sweeter and plumper than the Raisins.

Resins are usually produced by drying the muscat grapes, while Sultanas are Turkish in origin. Resins are very common in the market and are ubiquitously and abundantly present all over the world, whereas Sultanas are the speciality of Greece and Turkey.

In short, in spite of the fact that both these items are made from grapes, the methods of drying, the taste, the difference in colour and the place of occurrences are the main factors that help in differentiating one from the other.

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