Ram vs. Rom

Difference Between Ram and Rom In the modern tech savvy world there is hardly any person who doesnot…

Difference Between Ram and Rom

In the modern tech savvy world there is hardly any person who doesnot have either a computer or a laptop or a palmtop. Do you know what actually is the thing called the computer’s memory? Two types of memories are present in a computer namely RAM or Random Access Memory and ROM or Read Only Memory. It is the size of these two types of memories that help to determine the computer speed and also the ease with which the user accesses the data stored on the memory.

ROM or Read Only Memory is the permanent memory of a computer that has all the instructions required to boot a computer whereas RAM or Random Access Memory is the temporary memory forming the part of the computer’s hardware that stores the application programmes of the computer’s operating system as well as other programmes that are currently running on the computer on a temporary basis, only as long as the computer is switched on. In short, if the computer machine is shut down without saving the current programme running on the machine, the data will be lost as it is not saved permanently on the RAM. RAM comes in different sizes, which is nothing but a numerical number denotes the memory capacity of it. The sizes available in the market range from Megabytes to Gigabytes and more. On one hand, the data on the RAM can be re written any number of times the user wants, On the other, the data stored in ROM is permanent in nature and cannot be rewritten or erased. However, nowadays, there are certain ROM devices that can be rewritten or from which the data can be erased or edited, as for example rewritable CD-ROM etc. So, in spite of the fact that there are a lot of differences between RAM and ROM, they still form the memory of the computer, without which, efficient working of the machine is not possible.

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