Raster vs. Vector Graphics

Fundamental comparisons between Raster and Vector Graphics The naked reality about computers and their application is that the…

Fundamental comparisons between Raster and Vector Graphics

The naked reality about computers and their application is that the process of drawing images and for that matter graphics cannot be done by the traditional office applications and it will certainly follow that a perfect application for specifically developing graphics is used instead. One of the main graphic design applications that are very popular today is the Raster and vector graphics. The main similarities between the two vibrant techniques are very eminent although this article focuses mainly on their apparent distinctions.

When it comes to vector graphics, the seasoned users of Adobe illustrator will be well aware of the whole idea behind the concept of graphic design. The vector technique involves drawing using computer generated illustrations that are provided in the form of mathematically set fills, objects and lines. Since the orientation of space in this technique of computerized drawing automatically means movement in direction as well as length denoting magnitude, the name Vector tagged to it is hence derived. In this method a drawing is generated from a vector file which contains information of the diverse shapes and curving paths. The method is popular with applications such as Corel draw and adobe illustrator. It is also important to mention that the main vector image formats include; .cmx, .wmf and .cdr

Raster graphics on the other hand are also a graphic drawing technique that involves the arrangement into grids containing pixels bitmap images. Considering the fact that the pixel contain information about color, when this pixels are pieced together an image is ultimately formed. Microsoft paints and adobe Photoshop are just the few software applications that are by and large involved in drawing of raster images. Popular formats of the graphics generated are the jpg and the jpeg. On a concluding remark, the similarities between these two methods are more profound than the differences. However, the main point of contradiction is based on the quality and method used by either to develop an image.


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