Reality vs. Dreams

Difference Between Reality and Dreams There are quantities of differences among reality and dreams. Reality continues to live…

Difference Between Reality and Dreams

There are quantities of differences among reality and dreams. Reality continues to live from the past till date while dream is a sort of hope or desire.

Dream is simply a non-existing fact while reality is all about genuineness. The non-validity of dream is also felt by us. After waking up from sleep, a man can express that he has seen some non-existing scenes in his dream if he had dreamt during sleep.

At the same time, there is no way for reality to be non validity. The fact is that reality has existed in the past. For example: birth and death of an individual is a reality, which has nonce happened, happens and it will continue to happen in the future as long as there is life in the earth.

It is reality that, once you have born you have to die. At the same time, a dream can show a woman or man alive as if they are living their normal life. Thus, dreams are completely diverse from evidence and authority.

Reality on the other hand is the origin of proof. Realities cannot go invalidate. At the same time, dreams can be contradicted as soon as you wake from sleep.

There are three states of consciousness, among them dream is considered as most important one. The other two states include deep sleep and awakening. Dream does not come in awaken state. Only direct awareness can be experienced during awakening state.

Moreover, in the deep sleep state dreaming is not possible. In fact, it can be considered as dreamless situation of realization. The dreamless state can also be expressed as snooze. The interesting fact is that dreaming is not possible at the state of snooze but there is possibility of experiences of reality.

Reality takes place only in the state of snooze or deep sleep. You will feel complete delight while feeling reality. Power or authority cannot change reality because it exists for ever. At the same time, dream is the base of power. It is the authority that grasps the improbability and the unacceptability of the experiences.

Dream is described by doubtfulness and impossibility. The dream which is seen can be questionable at the later date. At the same time, there is no chance doubtfulness and questionability in the future for reality.


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