Reality vs. Truth

Difference Between Reality and Truth There are no other such words which carry almost the same meaning, other…

Difference Between Reality and Truth

There are no other such words which carry almost the same meaning, other than truth and reality. However Reality is a fact that is existent and truth is a fact that is established. There are huge differences between them.

Reality has been there ever since universe came into existence. But truth is the exactness of a fact that has been proved. It is something somebody is trying to establish.

The difference between reality and truth is quite similar to difference between a discovery and invention. A discovery is something that is there from the very beginning, and invention is something that has been known with the aid of the discovered facts.

Reality remains the same in the present, future and in all the time. It retains its nature. However truth can change its nature with time. There were many scientific truths like the planetary motion were not proved in the past but was established later. So truth changes with time and it needs the support and observance of reality.

Reality deals with the description of the real nature of any thing whereas truth describes facts that are already known.  So we can say that reality gives birth to truth.

Reality cannot be challenged or questioned whereas truth can be. Reality is all about authenticity and has nothing to do with power. Authenticity proves the originality, thus reality is original.  Truth is characterized by facts which can be challenged and disproved.  It is the legitimacy that separates reality from truth. But truth is all about power. It is said that it takes quite some time for reality to transform into truth. It totally depends upon man who needs the power to establish the truth as the reality.

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