Reciprocating Pump vs. Rotary Pumps

Difference Between Reciprocating Pump and Rotary Pumps Pumps are machines which are used to move liquids and gases…

Difference Between Reciprocating Pump and Rotary Pumps

Pumps are machines which are used to move liquids and gases to a different place in most of the cases from underground to the surface. There are different natured pumps like electrical or mechanical.  Reciprocating pumps and rotary pumps are called positive displacement pumps as they use the principle of rotation in the process capturing liquid on the suction side and transferring it to the side from which the liquid is discharged.  The liquid is drawn in by the vacuum which is created by the rotating pump. There is no air that is formed and neither there is any such need to vent the air out of the lines.

Reciprocating pumps are positive displacement pumps i.e. these pumps move matter with a mobile object that utilizes diaphragm /piston in the process of the displacement of liquids. They derive their name due to a constant backward and forward motion. Those utilizing a piston do so by drawing liquid or gas alternately into a piston and then venting it out through an exit valve. The displacement of matter in a closed space takes place progressively by the placement of a piston /diaphragm as an obstacle.

Rotary pumps displace liquid by means of the rotational pressure. It moves at a great speed resulting in a vacuum that results in the suction of the liquid and its discharge through a discharge valve. They can handle liquids without any solid content and are cannot displace thick and gelatinous liquids. They are simply designed and are functional in situations where centrifuges cannot be used cost-effectively. These pumps are ideal in situations where there is an expected change in pressure. If there is a glutinous liquid that needs to be transported, the speed of the pump should be reduced. The capacity of these pumps is not by any means dependant on the variation of pressure on the side of the suction.

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