Red Bull vs. Monster

Difference Between Red bull and Monster In the present scenario people are having a hard time trying to…

Difference Between Red bull and Monster

In the present scenario people are having a hard time trying to cope with the hectic schedule of their work. It has made them work almost mechanically which results in tiredness as normal food they intake is not enough to supplement the huge amount of pressure. To relieve the ever growing stress and rejuvenate the body, people needs something that will come with high calorie content. This was the reason why companies manufactured energy drinks like REDBULL and MONSTER which not only are good in taste but are also high in calorie content. It also brings in a sense of relaxation due to the presence of caffeine.

Red Bull-the world’s most popular energy drink was launched in 1987 in Thailand. Australian Red Bull GmbH shares the rights to sell it. It maintains aggressive advertisement strategy and in every field like sponsorship of tournament, celebrity endorsement and music concerts, sports team ownership etc you can see the presence of Red Bull. It markets three products- Red Bull Cola and Red Bull Energy Shot and sugar free Red Bull for Diabetes Patients. Taurine, glucuronolactone, caffeine, vitamin B, Sucrose and glucose are the general ingredients of Red Bull. Over to the sugar free Red Bull –it contains ingredients aspartame, acesulfame K and sucralose- which substitutes sucrose and glucose. Red Bull has a slogan “IT GIVES YOU WINGS” which is famous all over the world.

Monster is a globally renowned energy drink launched by Hansen Natural Corporation -a United States drinks manufacturing company, in 2002. Monster has a unique advertisement strategy. It does not advertise on media but maintains publicity in sports events. Carbonated water, sucrose, glucose, taurine, sodium Citrate, caffeine, sugar etc are the ingredients of Monster. Apart from the original, Lo-Carb, Ripper, Mixed, Assault, Java, Hit man etc are some of the flavors of Monster.

Monster offers more quantity over Red bull, for the same price. Monster gives away 16 oz. per $ 2, while Red Bull gives away 8.3 oz in $2. Monster energy drink, have more sugar content than Red Bull as a result it tastes sweeter. According to people Monster energy drink has more calories and energy level than Red Bull.

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