Red Wine vs. White Wine

Difference Between Red Wine and White Wine When you order a dish, it gets easier to decide whether…

Difference Between Red Wine and White Wine

When you order a dish, it gets easier to decide whether red wine or white wine would best go in orientation with your food, when you know the exact difference between the two. The two wines are generally accompanied with the dish you order in restaurants.

Red Wine

Grapes are the true source of wines. The making of red wine is quite similar to that of white wine. Red or black grapes help in the making of red wine. The whole process involves crushing, fermentation and later storage for a length of time. The mixing of grapes’ seeds, skins, and stems is the key process in making the red wine stand out. The color of the red wine is attained with the production of tannins which is also responsible for its rich and heavy taste.

White Wine

The white wine is made out of white grapes unlike red wine, and also sometimes from black grapes. The only difference between the making processes of the two wines is that, in the white wine no mixing of the seeds, skin and stems takes place. The reason why white wine is light and sweet is due to the addition of yeast during fermentation until white color is attained.

Difference between Red Wine and White Wine

The major difference is the presence of tannins apart from the color. The skins, seeds and stems help in its production. A strong, heavy, and bold taste is achieved with the help of these tannins. So if you are a beginner it is recommended to make a gentle and appetizing start. Hence white wine would be a better option.

It will now be an easier job in deciding which wine to choose.


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