Difference Between Red Wine and White Wine When you choose a wine for drinking or entertaining it is…

Difference Between Red Wine and White Wine

When you choose a wine for drinking or entertaining it is important to know the difference between red and white. Not only you will look smart in front of your dinner guests, but you will also learn how to connect the right wine with food.

1. Taste
The difference in taste between the red and white wines are quite significant. In due process, wine comes out much lighter and fruity (perfect for beginners), while red wine has a much more powerful and complex flavor.

2. Process & Color
When fermented, the grapes used to make wine release tannins that contribute to the deep red or burgundy color. With white wines the skin, stems, and seeds are not present in the fermentation process and without tannins to release its color to the wine so it comes out to be white.

3. Age
Red wines are usually aged much longer than white wines. This is due to tannins, which help preserve the wine. White wines that contain a much lower amount of tannins can not be aged like other wines.

4. Serving Temperature
Red wine is served at room temperature in a balloon glass. While white wine is served chilled in a long stemmed glass (holding the stem to avoid warming up the cold wine).

5. Antioxidants
Your doctor may tell you to drink a glass of wine with dinner to stay healthy because it contains antioxidants. But white wine also contains antioxidants. They are much smaller, which actually makes it easier to absorb.

6. Pairing
When serving wine with food, pair your meal with wines that complement it best. White wine goes well with white meats and light foods, like fish, chicken or pork. Red wine goes best with red meat and heavier tasting food.


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