Reiki End Plates vs. Standard End Plates On A Massage Table

Difference Between Reiki End Plates and Standard End Plates On A Massage Table The two forms of end…

Difference Between Reiki End Plates and Standard End Plates On A Massage Table

The two forms of end plates consumed on a massage table are Reiki and Standard end plates. After completing their course, the authorized Reiki doctor buys his own massage table to initiate his own practice. As a variety of massage tables are accessible in the arcade, there is room for a lot of confusion. While choosing, one should look for the most significant aspect that is the end plates. These are of three kinds- Reiki, Standard and a blend of the two.

The treatment sessions held by the Reiki professionals include head and foot massages that compel them to be chaired mostly. Just so that the professional does not feel tired by being seated throughout the session, the end plates are tailored in such a manner that makes the knees of the Reiki professional easily fitted and offers maximum comfort. For longer durability, the end panels are a lot thicker than the Standard end plates.

The standard end plates offer stability to the massage table. There is no inappropriate movement as they outspread lower than Reiki end plates. In spite of the stability, the Standard end plates lack in comfort as there is less space for the accommodation of the therapist’s knees. Hence they cause discomfort to the therapists who have to remain seated. .

So while choosing a therapy table the different types of end plates are to be kept in mind, as it forms a fundamental part.


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