Religion vs. Philosophy

The basic differences between religion and philosophy The terms religion and philosophy are indeed two very different terms…

The basic differences between religion and philosophy

The terms religion and philosophy are indeed two very different terms that cannot be confused. The concepts behind religion are simply based on beliefs and traditional customs upheld by the members of that religion in particular while philosophy is a philosophical enquiry into existence and its meaning that takes into account the use of advanced metaphysical concepts. It is important to note that religion is just a broad term that is used to describe the basic faiths that are based on beliefs and custom. What follows here is that the world is home to numerous religious sects that have different ethical and custom perceptions and practices that are only unique to that particular religion. In other words, although some religions in the planet may possess some similarities, they are all different in terms of identity. This is why you will find sects such as Hinduism, Sikhism, Christianity, Islam, Judaism and so on and so forth.

The concepts championed by philosophy as a discipline are based on the meaning of existence and the speculative analysis of life after death in relation to spirituality. Through the enquiry of the divine nature of man, philosophy seeks to establish the absolute truth that each individual soul is divine in its own right. The main contrast again that philosophy has against religion is that philosophy is a way of thinking or for that matter a kind of school of thought while religion is a ritualistic practice of faith that is governed by certain principles and rules. The nature of philosophy is structured in a way that it alienates itself from rituals as opposed to religion which take rituals and rites as one of its fundamental practices. In other words, the nature of philosophy is a largely incompatible with the absolute nature of religion and therefore the two can never correlate with each other.

In summary, philosophy is the logical inquiry of knowledge of existence and a constant pursuit of wisdom while religion is a collection of illogically developed dogmas that are held unquestionable by the strict codes it practices.


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