Religion vs. Spirituality

Religion and spirituality – The differences between The definition of religion has over the years taken very wide…

Religion and spirituality – The differences between

The definition of religion has over the years taken very wide forms and consequently a genuine definition that is all inclusive remains at large. However religion can be viewed as a belief in a divine and supernatural power that is in most cases institutionalized by religious groups that are guided and influenced by such belief. Religion can also be from a personal point of view. Spirituality on the other hand possesses a profound difference from religion and is largely centered on the soul that is believed to dwell within us. The fundamental contradiction between spirituality and religion is very marginal although the fact that religion is based on dogmatic believes and rules distinguishes it from spirituality which is largely based on the internal soul that is personal to every human being which is normally spiritual.

The concept of religion is involved in working with groups of people who approve the dogmatic rules that are associated with it. The external nature of it is also a characteristic that distinguishes it from spirituality which in all instances focuses on the personal soul that is within us. In other words what this means is that, the nature of spirituality is based on a personal perspective while that of religion is the exact opposite. The main aim of spirituality is to evoke the internal power of the soul within us so as to strengthen the mind and spirit and hence develop the conscience well in enough to isolate truth from falsity. Religion on the other hand aims at building the character of the individual through imposing of rules and unquestionable believes that they hold will help you take the path of the elite followers and founders of the faith which will in turn develop you character in the religious way.

The correlation between spirituality and religion in ultimately overcoming the challenges of life and what it brings is very categorical. Spirituality will help individuals develop a strong mind that will indeed help them make important decision pertaining to their lives, religion based on reasonable faiths and believes will contribute to the development of character and moral virtue.  Religion shapes and enhances our discipline that is also part of our character. Spirituality unlike religion builds us as individuals, it enhances our enlightenment and polishes our individual nature as human beings making us complete. It is no surprise that people who are strong in spirituality hardly have any religious persuasions.


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