Religion vs. Theosophy

Difference between Religion and Theosophy Religion and theosophy are two concepts that in face value look literally similar.…

Difference between Religion and Theosophy

Religion and theosophy are two concepts that in face value look literally similar. Indeed the terms are very close in meaning and in concept but they are different in some areas. While religion remains a set of faiths and believes that are related to the normal existence and life, theosophy is more of a philosophy that focuses on religious doctrines.

The concept of religion as earlier noted is centered on a supernatural being that is believed to provide the basic principles and rules associated with the religion concerned. It is also crucial to point out that the word religion is just a term that forms the umbrella under which different faith groups with different religious beliefs and practices that are uniquely distinct to that particular faith converge. The fundamental role of religion as viewed by many has been the enhancement and development of ethical morals and customs that are related to given cultures, cultures which to a large extent have developed because of the influence of religion. It should be said also although religion and spirituality are two different concepts, the former involve the latter widely as one of its key aspects.

Theosophy can be viewed as a mysticism driven concepts that involves the basic doctrines of religious philosophy. The line of distinction between the two is that although in some instances religion may involve some sparks of spirituality; it is otherwise a set of dogmatic believes that contrast with theosophy which is plainly spiritual in its true nature. Unlike religion which is always based on rules and beliefs, theosophy bases its approach on the knowledge of existence on the speculative analysis of the relationship between the supreme absolute and the individual spiritual nature of human beings. According to theosophical ideas, the concepts of religion, science and art serve in bringing human beings close to the supreme absolute provided the humans are equipped with the appropriate spiritual knowledge.


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